VO2 and Thresholds Profiling at Yas Cycles:

Our VO2 and thresholds profiling service allows you to understand how your cardio-metabolic system functions during exercise. This gold standard measure of aerobic fitness will help you to monitor the effectiveness of your training plan and assist you in future planning.
The test will be performed on your own bike. You will wear a heart rate monitor and a mask with an analyzer attached to take various measurements including your oxygen consumption. The intensity will increase at regular intervals by speed, incline or resistance (watts)in order to raise both oxygen demand and heart rate. The test will last anywhere from ten to thirty minutes, and is partly determined by your level of fitness. Once complete, you will cool down and the go through your results.

Here you will receive a personalised printout of your fitness profile, including your VO2 max score, your maximum heart rate, your lactate and lactate turn-point thresholds (linked to running speed and/or watts) as well as your subsequently tailored training zones. This comprehensive analysis of your personalized fitness level, along with our recommendations will help take your training and performance to the next level.
Once booked, we want to ensure you achieve the most reliable results. Therefore, you will need to adhere to certain criteria:

  • 24 hours before testing: no alcohol, caffeine or excessive exercise.
  • Within 2 hours: no food, tea, coffee or cigarettes – water is okay.
  • Prior to testing: complete our pre-exercise questionnaire.


Hydration and Fueling Management Strategies at Yas Cycles:

Our Hydration & Fueling Management strategy provides a holistic approach to your hydration and energy delivery as per the requirements of your own physiology and event.  Sweat sodium testing is included and provides an accurate reading of the amount of sodium (which is the key electrolyte secreted in sweat) lost when exercising.

The amount of sweat lost, and properties of sweat, can significantly vary between physically similar individuals. Determining your unique sweat profile can help tailor a more precise electrolyte strategy. In addition an appropriate fueling strategy (e.g. calories, carbohydrate and more) can be devised specifically based on your event/sport requirements and your own physiology.
We recommend this test for anyone who has:

  • Suffered from poor performance due to dehydration or hyponatremia
  • Constant cramping, nausea, sloshy stomach, or diarrhea during workouts
  • Not certain about fueling or hydration during training or at your next big sporting event
  • Trains or competes in locations that have extreme temperatures & humidity

The test includes a session with Dr Ramzy, where you will be provided with a personalized hydration and fueling strategy that will have a positive impact on your athletic performance. You will be advised on hydration timing, fluid/energy delivery options & quantities to consume during training and competitions allowing you to perform at your optimum and focus on achieving your goals.
The Sweat Sodium Testing Service is available for individuals, teams and clubs and will take place in store at Yas Cycles. 

About Dr Ramzy Ross:

  • PhD level specialist consultant in Exercise Physiology and Sports Science
  • Experience in supporting Olympic gold winning and World Champion athletes
  • Experience in resilience-related projects including with the UAE Armed Forces

A dynamic and innovative individual with experiences ranging from supporting Olympic Gold Winning and World Champion athletes (including the great Haile Gebrselassie!) to working with the UAE Armed Forces. He continues to support individuals, and teams, to achieve peak performance levels whilst also continuing to publish in globally leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (American College of Sports Medicine), and has featured in various global media outlets including the New York Times, Special Broadcasting Services Australia and Dubai One TV.

For more information and to book, please contact us at here at the shop.