The food and drink that we consume during physical activity impacts on our strength, training, performance and recovery. Yas cycles have partnered with the best brands in the industry to provide you with the ultimate selection of sports nutrition on the market.  Our highly trained team is always on hand to advise you on the best type of sports nutrition to suit your training requirements.

Rigorous testing by scientists in the lab, and athletes competing in the world’s toughest events, HIGH5 Sports nutrition contains the highest quality natural ingredients, and tastes great.

Made with non-GMO, REAL ingredients, that are gluten free & dairy free.

Discover the power of nitrates with Beet It Sport​ shots & flapjacks now at Yas Cycles.

Beet It Sport shots provide a 100% natural source of nitrate from concentrated beetroot juice (98%), with added concentrated lemon juice (2%).

Beet It Sport bars are a pocket-sized, chewy high-nitrate snack with simple, powerful ingredients.

Scientifically formulated for rapid hydration, with ultra fast absorption plus great taste!
Available in Orange and Lemon/Lime flavour.

The Intersection of energy, hydration and recovery. Gu has what your body needs to go longer and farther.

With their products divided into four categories, POWER, ENERGY, PRO and FIT & WEL, Sponser provide high-quality sports nutrition to cater for your diverse training needs.